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Comments for Proposed Rule 82 FR 8369

Proposed Rule  82 FR 8369  //  Open PDF Version PDF Version

17 CFR Part 49 Proposed Amendments To Swap Data Access Provisions and Certain Other Matters

Open Date: 1/25/2017
Closing Date: 3/27/2017
See also:
83 FR 27410 ,  6/12/2018  //  Open PDF Version PDF Version

17 CFR Part 49 Amendments to the Swap Data Access Provisions of Part 49 and Certain Other Matters

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02/03/201782 FR 8369ZAFARIQBALHello sir I would like to know regarding Biniry option there's a Biniry option Neme IQ option can you Confirm about IQ option is Scams or Not. ..
02/07/201782 FR 8369KaelMa't Culan 
03/27/201782 FR 8369KatherineDelpCME DTCC ICE
04/13/201782 FR 8369Ex ParteCommunicationDDR, ICE and CME
04/24/201782 FR 8369Ex ParteCommunicationICE Trade Vault
04/24/201782 FR 8369Ex ParteCommunicationCME
04/25/201782 FR 8369KimberlyNordhoffCME Group
04/26/201782 FR 8369Ex ParteCommunicationDTCC Data Repository (DDR)
05/17/201782 FR 8369Ex ParteCommunicationICE Trade Vault, ICE Futures U.S. and ICE Trade Vault
05/23/201782 FR 8369Ex ParteCommunicationDTCC Data Repository (U.S.) LLC (“DDR”)