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Comment for Proposed Rule 82 FR 8369

  • From: Kael Ma't Culan

    Comment No: 61089
    Date: 2/7/2017

    Comment Text:

    Dear Sirs/Ma'am; Public Comment for Commodity Futures Trading Commission proposed rule: Swap Data Access Provisions and Certain other matters. The word 'Swap' does not seem to be appropriate and could indicate a 'Swipe' or theft. An indicator similar to Miranda Law Violations. You should check for Offshore Money Laundering, Trading Access to Data for Illegal Narcotics, Whether the Data to be Accessed is Internet or Banking Transactions which would be a theft of money at first glance or offshore banking while claiming the foreign financial representative stole the money or transactions if caught, and whether the intended 'Swap' is with a Baltic States Financial organization and how many Baltic States Swaps we have at present and proposed for the future. KMC

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