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Ex Parte Meeting for Proposed Rule 79 FR 59898

  • Title:
    Meeting with SIFMA AMG Group

    Ex Parte No: 987
    Date: 12/11/2014

    Meeting Date:

    Thursday, December 11, 2014

    CFTC Staff:

    Tim Massad, Jeffrey Bandman, Clark Ogilvie, Lawranne Stewart, Ward P. Griffin


    SIFMA AMG Group

    External Attendees:

    Nevis Bregasi (MFS Investment Mangement), Lisa Cavallari (Russell Investments), Bradley Edgell (SIFMA), Matt Nevins (SIFMA), Agnela Patel, (Putnam Investments), Bill Thum (Vanguard Group), Tara Tilbury (Ameriprise Funds), Wendy Yun (Goldman Sachs Asset Management)

    Additional Information:

    Participants discussed Commission proposal on Uncleared Margin, Rule 1.35 concerning Records of Commodity Interest and Related Cash or Forward Transactions.

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