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Comment for Federal Advisory Committees and Subcommittees 85 FR 21840

  • From: Paula DiPerna
    CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project)

    Comment No: 62446
    Date: 5/11/2020

    Comment Text:

    CDP, a global non-profit, including CDP-North America, operates and maintains the world’s only integrated standardized environmental disclosure platform covering climate change and other economic risk multipliers, and we urge the CFTC to draw upon CDP’s experience and scope as it moves forward. Today, roughly 2500 public companies disclose annually worldwide through CDP, at the request of approximately 500 of the world’s leading investor enterprises, CDP Signatories, who represent approximately $106 trillion in assets. An additional roughly 6500 companies disclose through CDP Supply Chain, whose member entities include the US GAO.
    CDP disclosure aligns with recommendations of the Task Force on Climate Related Disclosures (TCFD), which seeks in turn to be integrated to securities regulations globally, and thus, through CDP, a critical mass of the world’s companies are well en route to TCFD alignment.
    We are at the CFTC's disposal for any further information.