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Comment for Proposed Rule 83 FR 31078

  • From: Eric Alan Dela Pena

    Comment No: 61804
    Date: 8/29/2018

    Comment Text:

    U.S. Commodity Futures trading commission Electronic benefit transfer The Electronic Funds Transfer was Regulated It's designed to ensure adequate disclosure of basic terms, costs, and rights relating to electronic fund transfer (Electronic benefit transfer) services provided to consumers. Institutions offering Electronic benefit transfer services has disclose information about it's consumers certain information, including: initial has updated it's terms and conditions , statements of activity, member of Electronic benefit transfer are consumers too potential not liability for unauthorized transfers, cause it has error Electronic benefit transfer card holders has a resolution rights about procedures. if Electronic benefit transfer services included a automated teller which is a machines, theirs was real telephone bill that an Electronic benefit transfer holder had a payment, point-of-sale or transfers in retail stores, theirs was no transfers initiated throughout the Internet, it was re-authorized transfers that was not from a consumer's Electronic benefit transfer account holder This is what look so known who is the one that stated this .

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