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Comment for Proposed Rule 83 FR 31078

  • From: Danielle Paage White
    United State Sharable

    Comment No: 61801
    Date: 8/28/2018

    Comment Text:

    Trade commodity and Futures Trading Commission ,

    Reservation in the honor of adjustment to service is the effect policy in omission .
    Elective in cooperation as analysis is mere instructive to salary submission . Validation in the concluded review of salary wage of stock-market is prohibited in opinion of contract of any trade parcel in commit of federal note or capital caption . Notice of benefits that are compose in market union is dual commission is oversight of which communication. Fair marketing composition in enlisted by value and fair practice act union classification in publication with protection monetary union market. Directives in trending market commodity are in economic history with the proposal. The social garment which is stated in the Bill Rights Stated the Wages act with Benefits monetary through the Capital monetary . Confidentially the market union was audit to explain the how value the America society labor with in the trust capital.Classification in line order to section of caption ruling from United States Commission order projection Section Seven to 45 sections commenced to commodity Captioning. in the attention to rule making the Benefits of register application in submission of proposal.

    Sincerely Regard ,

    Danielle P. White

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