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Comment for General CFTC CFTC Requesting Comment Period on Swap Dealer De Minimis Exception Preliminary Report

  • From: Remedios Hernandez
    Disabled Retired RN and a home taken by Wells Fargo Guam and GTE Capital and HUD not ensuring that they have a certified housing counseling program.

    Comment No: 60592
    Date: 1/16/2016

    Comment Text:

    1) Please follow the Plain Language Act and institute this Act to past and future documents. The aim in doing this is to enable common tax paying ind individuals be able to make sense of the Federal Registry. The information is for the people, thus this endeavor to obtain public comments.
    It is imperative that this is done so that the community will not be intimidated in saying and ketting you know what the people want and how they can be able to UNDERSTAND terminology such as "swap dealer" . Is this word only understood by persons that knows about money investments? Why not sany principals involved in any form of banking, money exchange , loans and anything to do with what the common person does with his monies. 1. Chwcking and savings, cd's , mortgage s, default in payments, amortization, percentage of interest , how the bank can yake their home and priorities REMWDIES IN THE Federal Registry HOWthe bank whether they accumulate 8 billion dollars; which separates banks that are the usual entities that lends to the middle hardworking class. Have everyone regustere regardless of the amount earned in 12 months, this way they would still be under somesort if jurisdictional accountability to CFTC.
    The goal here is to make the FC simple and be understood even by a person that dos not know anything about commodities and trading. If someone or a bank foreclosed on an elderlies home due to a subprime mortgage. That person should be able to easily understand what her recourse can be within CFTC only and not refer to others.

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