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Comment for Proposed Rule 75 FR 3281

  • From: Joshua Panggabean

    Comment No: 130
    Date: 1/15/2010

    Comment Text:

    Joshua Panggabean
    Friday, January 15, 2010 9:40 PM
    Regulation of Retail Forex
    Dear Sir,
    I have read the news of Regulation of Retail Forex at web address and promptly i
    QUIET DlSSAPOINTED with this proposals.
    I privately as the small capital trader beg your mind that not all retail forex being discriminated
    with such a puny leverage 1:10, all the disaster of economic especially on your country caused
    by the manipulative transactions from big investors / trader on paper trading like stock,
    commodity, futures, and forex. The attractiveness of high leverage of this product obviously
    contribute a large of capital gain to your country, if you can read the chart of growth of forex
    investment and other futures / high leverage products years by years, definitely these
    products beat the growth of stock trading.
    Think about it!, if you limitating these industries, you will lose the enormous sum of money that
    your country should gain to prosper your country and citizens, your country growth will shrink
    quiet significantly as the investors and traders will go offshore to put their money. One More
    point, CHINA, JAPAN, RUSSIA, Offshore country like Bermuda, Bahamas, British Virgin Island
    and other fast growing investment place like we, INDONESIA will take advantage of your
    stubborness, they will control your dollars, not you - i'm sorry for these hard descriptions
    Further more, actually the high leverage products like forex is the one of America Dreams,
    these opportunities should be as heritage of your country, as the proud of nations. The spread
    of opportunities being prosper via these products is the one of solutions of your citizens to
    break down of high rate unemployment, and alternatives to tax, you and your department
    should know that, if not it will be so embarrasing to us.
    Investment are investment - creating the chances of wealth and glory, regulated these
    investment are created to make everyone play the fair game, not kicking them out of field.
    Best Regards,
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