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Comments for Industry Filing 22-002

Industry Filing  22-002

Review and Public Comment Period of KalshiEx Proposed Congressional Control Contracts Under CFTC Regulation 40.11

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission announced the beginning of a review of KalshiEX, LLC’s (KalshiEx) proposed contracts on which political party will be in control of each chamber of the U.S. Congress (Congressional Control Contracts) under CFTC Regulation 40.11(c). KalshiEX, a designated contract market, voluntarily submitted the Congressional Control Contracts for CFTC review.

Open Date: 8/26/2022
Closing Date: 9/25/2022
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09/22/202222-002JoshuaSterlingJones Day
09/22/202222-002LewisCohenCohenWilson LLP d/b/a DLx Law
09/22/202222-002DavidRothschildMicrosoft Research
09/22/202222-002JamesAngelGeorgetown University
09/22/202222-002IanW.Private equity firm
09/22/202222-002MaxRaskinNew York University School of Law
09/22/202222-002MichaelMarcusNA (Individual)
09/22/202222-002PaulFribourgContinental Grain Company