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Comments for Industry Filing IF 20-01

Industry Filing  IF 20-01

Approval Pending
Rule – Product Terms and Conditions
Amendments to Increase the Initial Spot Month Position Limit of the CME Live Cattle Futures Contract

Open Date: 1/9/2020
Closing Date: 1/30/2020
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Date ReceivedReleaseFirst NameLast NameOrganizationEdit
01/21/2020IF 20-01ThomasWarnockThomas Warnock LLC
01/22/2020IF 20-01GarrettListerInnovative Livestock Services
01/24/2020IF 20-01LukeLindFive rivers Cattle Feeding
01/24/2020IF 20-01TylerVan WinkleFriona Industries, LP
01/25/2020IF 20-01MikeLeheskaAmarillo Brokerage Company