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Ex Parte Meeting for Proposed Rule 77 FR 15460

  • Title:
    Call with DTCC re swap data reporting

    Ex Parte No: 1551
    Date: 6/19/2020

    Meeting Date:

    Friday, June 19, 2020

    CFTC Staff:

    Heath P. Tarbert

    Charlie Thornton

    Daniel Grimm



    External Attendees:

    Christopher Childs (DTCC)

    Debra Cook (DTCC)

    Laura Astrada (DTCC)

    Katherine Delp (DTCC)


    Additional Information:

    Discussion regarding harmonization across parts 43 and 45, as well as discussion regarding the implementation of data accuracy confirmations under Part 49.  Attached comment letters provide more information.

DTCC file.pdf