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Ex Parte Meeting for Proposed Rule 79 FR 68140

  • Title:
    Meeting with Commodity Markets Council (CMC)

    Ex Parte No: 1026
    Date: 7/22/2015

    Meeting Date:

    Wednesday, July 22, 2015

    CFTC Staff:

    Tim Massad, Clark Ogilvie, Corey Claussen


    Commodity Markets Council (CMC), Chicago Board of Trade, Mercuria Energy Trading, Delta Strategies, BP, Louis Dreyfus, CME Group, McGraw Hill,  Bunge North America (Bunge) and ICE

    External Attendees:

    Dave Lehman (Chicago Board of Trade), Jerry Jeske (Mercuria Energy Trading), Kevin Batteh (Delta Strategies/CMC), Jim Newsome (Delta Strategies), Gregg Doud (CMC), Vincent Johnson (BP), Dave Brown (Mondelez), Steve Campbell (Louis Dreyfus), Charlie Carey (CME Group), Andy Bose (McGraw Hill), Tom Erickson (Bunge), Alex Albert (ICE)

    Additional Information:

    Participants discussed 79FR68140--1.35 and 80FR10022--position limits.

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