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Comment for Proposed Rule 89 FR 286

  • From: Luke Trimell

    Comment No: 73250
    Date: 2/12/2024

    Comment Text:

    Good Afternoon.

    This proposal would clearly go against the average investor and only help the larger institutions/banks/hedge funds/etc.

    More visibility should be had for all, and not less for those trying to find as many loopholes as possible.

    This even being proposed leads me to believe that a fair and free market is not actually what is wanted.

    Please do the right thing here. Look out for the average American who turns to this market to invest their hours and dollars into companies they feel should grow while hoping to benefit financially from it.

    This is an important topic. A lot of investors are paying attention nowadays. This means alot to us and trust you will do the right thing by us. So I do thank you in advance!

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