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Comment for Public Information Collection 88 FR 68112

  • From: Maria Vaca
    Vaca Realty

    Comment No: 73175
    Date: 10/30/2023

    Comment Text:

    With Google's help underage girls and children are being used as sex slaves, forced to work for free, tortured and even killed, all thanks to Google who allowed the gangs to provide the public globally a fraudulent, unregistered, unregulated cryptocurrency YobitPro app for about a year and despite my flagging it Google failed to remove it from their Google Play store, and now, even if they remove YobitPro app, all the websites connected to that app are still functioning. That app allowed the gangs to steal money from thousands of victims who downloaded that app thinking that it was a legitimate trading app as advertised by Google. The owners are gang members that lure victims worldwide and I have the evidence. In addition, I happen to be one of those victims who not only lost over $5,000,000 by downloading that fraudulent cryptocurrency app but also have been threatened with my life and threats of my family getting kidnapped. Because of Google's irresponsibility and gross negligence my life was turned upside down financially and emotionally. I have been forced to add security to my home and live in fear because my life is in danger, all because of Google's lack of concern for the public who depend on their services. I need you and every government agency to go after Google to not only compensate me for my financial losses, $5,000,000, but to also free all those people that are being used as slaves by those gangs who stated that the most joy they get is by torturing Americans. I believe I have enough evidence for you to find out where exactly this is all taking place and to find the criminals.

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