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Comment for Public Information Collection 88 FR 68112


    Comment No: 73148
    Date: 10/4/2023

    Comment Text:

    I think that email is the best method of communication to collect information, but I have noticed that the reply to emails is automated electronic only, while the sender must receive a response / reply from the cftc team themselves that they have received the sender’s email ( after the automated electronic reply ) and to inform the sender of the value of the information he / she has sent and if any how to upgrade these information to be more effective, such as the style of acute evidence that the sender must be provided it to support these Information, and also in the event that any additional information is added or any information is corrected ( specially after submission the Form TCR or Form WB-APP ) the cftc team themselves whom have received the additional information / correction must be responded / reply to the sender that they have received this supporting information / correction and that it has been attached to the original application , ..

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