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Comment for Industry Filing 23-01

  • From: andrew robison
    the cftc is complicit in fraudulent markets

    Comment No: 72586
    Date: 7/22/2023

    Comment Text:

    the federal reserve in coordination with the sec, finra, dtc, cede and co., every exchange and the 23 direct market makers, have systematically and intentionally weaponized poverty through every facet of the monetary system. this has gone on for one hundred years, and once again every fail safe and every rule and amendment designed to obscure data from the public will reveal it's true nature.  

    the market is completely fraudulent and is completely controlled by the largest banks and hedge funds that act as the 23 direct market makers for the global economy. they have once again over leveraged every conceivable asset 100 times over, minimum, and the game is up once the balance sheet runoff explodes in july.  

    this is exactly how entropy can be taught from now on, and these wavelengths of energy will reverberate through all of time.  you have created a system that is no longer sustainable, there is no algorithm left that can undo what has already been done, and the next generation will have to figure it out on their own. not dealing with real world problems as they come up with real world solutions will only create a massive deficit, like you've done with the economy of the entire planet. you should leave things nicer than you found them for the next group that comes along to enjoy it too.  

    these rules are inconsistent and only meant to deter the incompetent or less abled from knowing how it works. im here to put this straight, because im looking for the real truth on what real solutions look like.

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