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Comment for Public Information Collection 86 FR 74074

  • From: Thomas Ringkvist

    Comment No: 65929
    Date: 1/25/2022

    Comment Text:

    Dear Sir / Madam.

    Your colleague Lee Baker recommended me to contact you with my question.

    Do you know if CFTC has tried to explain the discrepancies between how CFTC calculate OTC derivatives statistics versus BIS and ESMA calculations? Please note, on the comparison between ESMA and the BIS statistics, the EU Derivatives Annual Report 2019 -- which is available on this webpage: ESMA values EU derivatives markets at €735tn -- has a box (p.11-13) that compares ESMA calculations for the size of the EU derivatives report with those the BIS and presents some explanations for the differences.

    Moreover, why isn't CFTC publishing their historical OTC derivatives - published on the archive page -- as a time series from 2013 to current date on the same excel sheet?

    I am looking forward for your reply!

    Yours sincerely

    Thomas Ringkvist

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