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Comment for Public Information Collection 86 FR 27072

  • From: Laurel B Hunter

    Comment No: 65836
    Date: 6/8/2021

    Comment Text:

    As a victim of identity theft, this is a real thing. Potentially can destroy ones life in a matter of months. I first reported my identity theft to my banking institution. My banking institution told me they would "fix" the problem. As weeks then months have gone by, my problem is yet to be "fixed."
    Section 1088 Frank Dodd Act: federal agencies responsible to enforce requirements. I found no one who could help me. I was either out of jurisdiction. My financial institution was not in the branch of their agency, or my story was so far-fetched no one believed me. I was called a lier by law enforcement. Law enforcement was absolutely no help. My financial institution was served a warrant for information. They ignored it and nothing was done about that. I thought it was against the law to ignore a warrant? Eventually I was told by law enforcement that unless i came up with some kind of "red flag" that would be to my advantage, there was nothing that they could do for me. I haven't heard from them in months. There needs to be some kind of available method for ANY consumer to get the information they need to find a person or persons that can help them. I spent months and hours writing letters to every agency I could find on the internet that I could tell my personal story too. Some of these agencies seemed to actually care. The rest of the agencies treated me as if I were the criminal.
    I believed that when my investments were in my financial institution, they were safe. That was not the case in my instance. Not only did this financial institution open fragrant accounts, transfer my money to other people but they mailed my information to and address I personally reported as fraud to them. My address was changed 13 times until the end of Jan 2021. My accounts were "frozen" then "hard-locked" when the address changes were made. How does this happen? Would this not be a red flag to any financial institution? If a customer reports fragrant activities to their financial institution, wouldn't you think that some person or person would be watching for suspicious activity? I could understand if this happened one time, but 13 times in a month? Addresses, emails, USPS changes.
    I have had 15 investigators through the financial institution. Not one of my investigators knows what the last person reported. Each investigator has come up with a different reason this happened. not one of them has recovered my money,or correctly reported the facts to Gov agency's. Someone needs to be held accountable. Someone needs to be responsible for what happened. End of the story is:
    I still don't have my money back.
    No financial institution will let me open an account in the bank.
    My business has not be able to run since the bank "frozen", hard-locked my accounts on Dec 3, 2020.
    No one has taken any responsibility for anything that happen to me
    This has destroyed my family, health, financial well-being.
    My email and mail has been compromised due to the identity theft. My reports are late because I never received the information that was sent to me. What other information from other people am I missing.
    Until you are the victim of Identity theft, you have zero idea how bad this is. I didn't. Financial institutions need to educate their employees on "red flags" to watch for. Had I not contacted every agency I did, who knows how many more would have been affected.
    I have no idea who and how many people my information was sent too.
    Banks and financial institutions need to come up with a universal plan covering "red flagging" to protect their customers.
    Customers need to see a plan of action, who they can go too for help.
    Banks and financial institutions must have some kind of check list to know what help has been offered. What still needs to be done. How can they prevent this from happening to someone else. Most of all, "How did this happen to begin with in a "safe" financial institution? Why has it not yet been resolved. Why don't we care about our customers.
    Bottom line is, its still going on, and my financial institution has washed their hands of me because its not their responsibility.

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