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Comment for Public Information Collection 86 FR 11267

  • From: Bradley Capron
    Solstice Farm

    Comment No: 65819
    Date: 4/21/2021

    Comment Text:


    Your recent statements regarding derivatives being an important tool for price risk regarding commodities is true. HOWEVER.... 99% are not used that way. I'm a farmer, so I understand the utility of a derivative, truly. It is COMPLETELY disingenous to suggest derivatives are ANYTHING other than speculative bank tools to profiteer at the expense of the productivity of the nation at this point. Its such a tiny percent that actually uses derivatives as they were originally created and intended.

    Fort the CFTC commisioner, and a farm girl at that, to suggest derivatives are anything other than a massive rehypothecated ponzi is DISGUSTING. You are promoting fragility. You are promoting criminality. And just because your head is in the sand, doesn't mean you won't get fucked in the ass by these bankers too. Youre expendable.


    The torches and pitchforks are coming, and the tower is about to collapse. What side you gonna be on?

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