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Comment for Public Information Collection 86 FR 7368

  • From: Alan Pan
    Beijing Normal University

    Comment No: 64815
    Date: 2/19/2021

    Comment Text:

    Dear Commodity Futures Trading Commission,

    This comment is in response to Notice of Intent to Renew Collection 3038-0082 Whistleblower Provision.

    Could the wording of “The Whistleblower Provision” be changed to “Signaling of Fraud, Material Misstatement, or Gross Negligence in Financial Activities”?

    Due to my misunderstanding of “The Whistleblower Provision” while in the United States of America, I whistle blew on criminal activity. As result I lost my position as a PhD student and was harshly beaten and battered. Criminal justice agencies still remain non-responsive, and other agencies refuse to speak to me when I attempt to relocate. However, I am able to communicate with agencies outside the USA.

    If the wording of “whistleblower” could be changed to more precise financial matters, e.g. "signaling of fraud or material misstatement in financial activities", mistaken comprehension of whistleblower protection for criminal activities or other legal violations could be prevented. Especially for individuals without much presence outside the United States in case they are retaliated against or murdered. I was fortunate to survive whistleblower retaliation because of my contacts outside the US, to the extent I am worth more alive than dead, but others might not be so lucky.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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