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Comment for Industry Filing 20-004

  • From: Andrew B Newmark
    Self Employed Market Maker

    Comment No: 63785
    Date: 1/5/2021

    Comment Text:

    Mr. Christopher Kirkpatrick
    Secretary of the Commission
    Commodity Futures Trading Commission

    Re: Review of RSBIX NFL Futures Contract

    Dear Mr. Kirkpatrick,

    I have seen the issues the CFTC is raising in regard to NFL futures contracts and I would like to voice my opinion that these financial instruments would help the industry provide better service to their customers. As a liquidity provider, I would welcome the opportunity to make markets on a CFTC approved platform.

    The ability of these legal sports books to access hedging tools available to many other industries can only enhance the customer experience and serve public interest. Any chance to even the playing field within the industry by giving legal sports books the same opportunity already being utilized by illegal book making operations would be in the public interest.

    I can see no reason to deny an industry these valuable financial tools. As I stated earlier I would actively seek the chance to provide liquidity if this contract becomes available.


    Andrew B. Newmark
    Independent Market Maker

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