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Comment for Orders and Other Announcements 85 FR 22151

  • From: gregory REED sargent

    Comment No: 62428
    Date: 4/27/2020

    Comment Text:


    Why hasn't GREGORY REED SARGENT's Attorney contacted the US ARMY RESERVE psychological operation unit "snake skinners" to see if the US ARMY RESERVE psychological operations unit operate equipment like the equipment GREGORY REED SARGENT is alleging.

    GREGORY REED SARGENT is alleging that the STATE OF OREGON has shown through digital communication a state of: Gross misconduct, gross mismanagement of tax payer monies and an obvious state of inept employees.

    GREGORY REED SARGENT's experience with public defenders over the course of residency in the STATE OF OREGON is well documented.

    CASE#: 16CR70103
    CASE#: 05C30471

    GREGORY REED SARGENT has alleged this and has sought ASYLUM in the UNITED KINGDOM pending this charge, this charge is in writing with the local magistrate MARION COUNTY, OREGON, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

    Very much in need of information to find itself in the UNITED KINGDOM, it is my fear that local police and federal agents are attempting to undermine a CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION that damages the country people completely to ruin. Please help this rather urgent information to the HOUSE OF COMMONS and SCOTLAND YARD.


    The poor people of the UNITED STATES are being barred from life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, something the founding fathers of the UNITED STATES claimed a God given rite, by suspension of license to drive for owed debt. GREGORY REED SARGENT is citing MAGNA CARTA.

    Debtors Prison, poor people of the UNITED STATES.

    The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA keeps debtors prison's by suspending the license to drive of country dwellers.

    Gregory Reed Sargent is citing Magna Carta due to the fabric of: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness being suspended for debt.

    Requesting the information to be forwarded to the federal government outside of Oregon and the United Kingdom for peer review.

    Gregory Reed Sargent
    April 24th, 2020