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Comment for Public Information Collection 84 FR 58375

  • From: Refuse Refuse Refuse

    Comment No: 62234
    Date: 11/5/2019

    Comment Text:

    Ghost Net was discovered and named following a 10-month invasions by the Informal Monitor (ISM), carried out after ISM researchers approached the Dela LA Pena and Holiday Lame representative in Geneva convention suspecting that their computer network had been interfered with The WM is composed of researchers from The Sec Dev Group and Canadian consultancy and the Citizen Lab, Monks Recent for International Studies at the University of Toronto; the research findings were published in the Info war Monitor, an affiliated publication Researchers from the University of Cambridge's Computer Laboratory, supported by the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection, ERIC ALAN DELA PENA also effected by the meta phonics electronic vanishing invisible its a federal offense relations to committed overly unidentified evasion of the terror of the government using invisible Wicca magic is a part of thieving its raw radiation very expensive it can poison the farmers cattle and sheep not good.

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