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Comment for Proposed Rule 84 FR 32105

  • From: Raymond G Barnett

    Comment No: 62151
    Date: 8/2/2019

    Comment Text:

    Hi, Can you please tell me when you are going to stop J P Morgan and other bullion banks from manipulating gold and silver? you cant tell me that you are not aware of this because you have been told hundreds of times. Why do you allow this fraud? its been going on for many years, you are allowing these people to make hundreds of millions of dollars at the expense of honest investors of the world. America has no problem telling the rest of the world how they should behave and yet they allow massive frauds to take place in their own country, look at all the scams the banks have been involved with over the years, what do the regulators do? they fine the innocent shareholders, what do they do to the bankers? nothing, they dont jail them or fine them and yet they wonder why the banks are still at it. How many bankers are in jail? why are they not in jail? they have no problem in jailing the little people but bankers are immune from prosecution. In 2016-2017 J P Morgan was fined over sixteen billion dollars for one scam or another, you know what happened to Jamie Dimon the CEO? the board give him a huge pay rise. THIS MUST STOP AND IT MUST STOP NOW.

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