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Comment for Industry Filing IF 19-001

  • From: David Fox
    LaSalle Asset Management LLC (CTA)

    Comment No: 62007
    Date: 3/11/2019

    Comment Text:

    Dear CFTC, As an active participant in the futures markets for the last 37 years, I am steadfastly opposed to an acceptance of the recent proposal by ICE. I will probably be one of the few market participants to comment on this who traded back when chalk boards were still in use on the exchange floors, but I have one question concerning this proposal which references the pit trading days: Isn't this proposal akin to allowing a market maker to look at a floor broker's order before the broker actually sees the order?
    I'm sure that back in the day had a group of market makers approached the CFTC with such an idea, it wouldn't have even made it through the fax machine. Times have changed no doubt, but I was not aware that the measure of ethical standards changes with markets and times. David Fox

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