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Comment for Orders and Other Announcements 83 FR 64563

  • From: Zenith Project
    «ZENITH» Protocol

    Comment No: 61954
    Date: 2/10/2019

    Comment Text:

    CFTC Request for Input on Crypto-asset Mechanics and Markets

    This answer was written by the «ZENITH» Protocol project team,
    whose goal is to introduce cryptocurrency into everyday life as
    a means of payment, as well as solve transaction security issues
    in the form of the possibility of their signing.

    One of the problems of cryptocurrency, preventing its entry into
    everyday life as a means of payment, is its anonymity.

    A partial solution to this problem may be the ability to sign

    1. This will solve the issue of transparency of cryptocurrency
    2. The development of a single transaction signing protocol will make
    it possible to identify payments and transfer of cryptocurrencies.
    3. That will contribute to the fight against money laundering.
    4. The resolution of disputes in the event of a conflict.
    5. Transaction identification will allow cryptocurrencies to join
    existing payment systems.

    The solution of the task of signing transactions is implemented in
    the «ZENITH» Protocol project.

    «ZENITH» Protocol
    Smart Contract:

    February 10, 2019