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Comment for KISS Initiative Reporting

  • From: vincent ysarraras ramirez
    sp 1500 cv 283472 nft
    demands rap 55067097
    7216 ming ave d bakersfield ca 93309

    Comment No: 61300
    Date: 9/5/2017

    Comment Text:

    oreillys auto parts terminated me
    84 lumber mexican/arron correction police didnt want
    me to graduate please discharge my student loan i was never thier
    brother they ran out of excuses filed bcv-15-101705
    so police can insult me daily hire psychology teams
    this is they denied unit team 55067097
    everything is a rat jacket 55067097 i was out voted in
    cold blood 00179223@ bc 93305 bcv-15-101705 is thier brother hood
    can laugh i am not welcomed in nevada they monitor everything
    jobless over a divorce
    people went home laughed how the court of law
    denied my freedom liberty with
    force psycotropic to ruin my mind for the martiniez family
    cooperating i need a system schedule when to shop i
    am never dating they only want a female to sell
    dvd i was rapped in my sleep to, president trump mike
    bcv-16-102090 monitary psi 55067-097 discharged violent
    homosexual bcv-15-101705 the martiniez family they ruined
    my back and p g and e bill barred me mentally ill no
    legal relief

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