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Comment for Proposed Rule 81 FR 1359

  • From: Henry J Baptiste Jr
    Three Feathers, Deck of Hearts, survival of the fittest

    Comment No: 60630
    Date: 2/7/2016

    Comment Text:

    Dear Commission:

    Alternative to Fingerprinting Requirement for Foreign Natural Persons.

    I would like to start with the petition for confidential treatment of the exempt information may be submitted according to the procedures set forth in sec 145,9 of the Commission's regulations. I have worked hard the last over 3 years that has taken all my time and dedication to even have come across and am commenting on the matter to the Commission today in my territorial home, in the international watershed, River Water Basin. Like the Water and the Salmon, I am Native to this land and do not see the international border only when I politely crossing it as to respecting the border officials, and through the Jay Treaty can also work on either side of the Canada United States Border.

    Since discovery of this man-made handicap, and began a stick and tape approach that has been the cornerstone to the standards I set for survival, since the discovery of this silent unethical battle that the only thing that has pushed me through is the spiritual aspect of it, that and the significant losses that have had an adversely affected me that can be recovered if my body is given the chance, to heal. The past will uncover misconduct that may have an affect on registration and certification if not kept confidential. If the firm that is delegated or the Commission has my consent for any information need be disclose concerning me at their request. I would be more than willing to answer any questions about my past in which has been good and bad, coming from the spoils of this conflict, that I am fully accountable and by no way deny the actions I am accountable for.

    I would ask that the Commission or its delegate to be fair on this historical and unique situation. and there was negligent misconduct not only coming from me and which I ask the Commission also takes into account the unlawful presence and the behavioral altering technologies that me and my subset group at a species level kin were used as tests so National Security would be prepared as to the significant losses, would be honored as warriors of the two Nations and not construed as gross misconduct the sensitive information is of confidentiality and whatever is in the best interest of the two Countries and protects its people and have used this as valuable scientific confidential Information, and a cooperatively associated corporate with my people who have delegated me without consent or knowledge That I feel I would had been obligated to participate regardless as a warrior of my people.

    And also take this into consideration, My stay in R-RAC they call the fish bowl where my stay there was long enough for the service, to get a Biop in, I was helped to get fast track Parole, and
    My organization came to the hearing and with a very persuasive performance my leaders of the community came up with a very variable early release plan financed with in-kind funds and my release where my people would have my best interests at heart. It turned out was not till years later I found out my leadership had actually deceived me and it was money through fiduciary relationship and right-away benefit agreement etc. and through a very coercive implementation plan were trying to take my survival away. Okanagan Nation Alliance, or OBMEP as represented by Colville Confederated tribes, who in turn are financed by Bonneville Power Authority and under NOAA there are many different governmental and private entities from both sides of the border taking turns with theses experimental tests that take place with only the data and funding being important which gives hindrance to human life.

    Chief and council were very persuasive in not asking for my consent and by their mental health professionals unjustly had me committed and declared incompetent to make my own decision and if they did make the agreement in such a away it was coercive usurpation by Chief Clarence Louie and his obsession for Economic development monetary funds. A real Warrior plays for his people not hides behind them.

    As for the Commission Promulgating a final rule by acknowledging the hours of burden reelect the burden of it will be very beneficial and in anyway the burden can be eased is because the more time I have to learn about registration and with professional advisers would like to put in the same effort that I put into surviving the past 3 and a half years.

    As for the the burden please let me inform the the committee of work regiment that was a minimum 7 hours of workout to keep the public safe, followed by studying and self educating myself in an next to impossible disruptive working Environment for a minimum of 7 hours and worked around the clock on many occasions. So a minimum of 14 hours a day.

    I would like to keep working with a competitive work ethic not at the life or death level, but bring something new to the table and keep this from happening again I honestly do not even wish this on anybody and unless it is in the best interest and would protect this from happening should be kept confidential.

    Revision to collections 3038-0023 and 3038-0072 adding a new exemption that would incorporate to fingerprinting alternative to evaluate the the fitness the certificate If the Commission would know my way unique style of fitness I developed using a stick and tape approach that helps me cope with the day to day restraints and being precluded with the public as a well oiled machine in their attempts to implement those restraints to achieve their goal of time management, as for my fitness I assure you I am competent I can perform at a very high level.

    The Commission would consider promulgating the alternative as to the requirements for foreign Natural persons no disrespect to the Commission but as for the term foreign I am as American as apple pie, and as Canadian as wanting to get the puck in overtime in a championship game, I am both I am Okanagan/Syilx/Okanagan from British Columbia and Washington State. Indigenous to North America and my pride to protect both Nations is in my blood.

    The Certifying firm if after criminal check would know in the United States My record is clean besides a driving offense over 25 years ago, my record In Canada has been at the worst a scheduled 1 of Trafficking in 2008 that was over in 2011 but still continue to serve my sentence having been alienated and systematically harassed and have been inserted into this game that is impossible to overcome. I am an open book and anything the commission wants to know I have no problem disclosing any personal information and will sign a consent to see any entity holds.

    If the Commission affords me the benefit of being exempt from disclosure of my criminal history in Canada, and I ask they consider it is what it is, a record that can also be considered not only a criminal record it also tells a story of a entity's battle for survival in what is nothing less a war, and I a veteran of it. If I have the burden reduced and am able to work in a good clean working environment The certificating firm will be guaranteed things will run smooth and my integrity and resilience I have shown as to the discipline and concreteness of my will and spirit as a leader I will develop into a true protector of the people that would give the shirt off my back to any human being fish or wildlife or plant if they needed it,

    I have rolled with the punches and will wash myself of that burden and if I am truly left alone and my fiscal and biological features are given a chance to developed cumulatively the results will be great as the researchers will see or have already predicted.

    This No Action relief that could be extended the naturalistic individual would honor the relief to spend a short time with my children and family getaway and will come back rejuvenated and fully prepared for the challenges as the same person and determination to succeed, so qualified appointed officials would be the right call to to keep my entitlement healthy till I get more expedited education so I am ready to accept and dedicate it to my bro's in the sky.

    If there is any key issues besides the medical package and the naming of the beneficiary's the kids and and spouses if they were with my bro's at the time will be named. I have also sent a this email to other members of council and dealers.

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