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Comment for Proposed Rule 76 FR 71626

  • From: Carrie Merriman

    Comment No: 57360
    Date: 4/6/2012

    Comment Text:

    I need to understand why you are doing nothing to stop the gouging at the gas pumps? We are at 4.05 per gal and that is a jump from 3.85 two days ago.

    This needs to stop. No more allowing "rich" people to decide how much we are going to pay for gas. It gas me a little over $50 to fill my car - that is $200 a month. I cannot afford that as well as most Americans that don't make $100K or more a year. Gas is out of range for people making minimum wage, they can't afford to work, that in turn makes the people out of work a larger number.

    Does Washington really have no common sense? It appears not. Do your job and stop playing nice. Get pissed.

    Carrie Jo Merriman

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