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Comment for Proposed Rule 76 FR 71626

  • From: Ed Shoemaker

    Comment No: 57312
    Date: 3/15/2012

    Comment Text:

    To CFTC,
    The US government isn't going to be able to bail out Goldman Sachs again
    because of the governments ownership of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
    The Dodd-Frank legislation is suppose to control oil trusts getting to
    large a control of oil pumping and oil storage facilities in North
    America. The reason some of these places selling crude oil for
    gasoline and diesel is because eventually 50 percent of big rig trucks
    will be powered by natural gas which costs two dollars a gallon or
    less. If gasoline goes to five dollars a gallon this summer for very
    long people will start stealing gasoline by damaging fuel pipelines
    going to airports in my opinion. The Ford Ranger truck is now only
    going to be made for the South American countries. Venezuela sells
    gasoline in Venezuela for less than fifty cents a gallon but export
    gasoline for a much larger amount.

    From Edwin K. Shoemaker

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