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Comment for Proposed Rule 76 FR 71626

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    Comment No: 57298
    Date: 3/23/2012

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    Why is the the real reason oil and Gas is so high in the US,What is the real reason.I would like some to give a known fact of why this is high,I've heard that it's speculation.Why aren't those loopoles being closed so that people on the stock exchange can bet whether the price of Oil is going up or down.That's causes a gas to go up or down.I believe that once we close nthis loop ole it should go back down,It should be a supply and demand issue,Not speculators betting on the price of Oil.This should not be tolerated.A warning should be given out then a heavy summons to who ever is doing this,Do they are care the American peoples ,livele hood or is it just greed,When people fill up for gas it's an extra added on.Also this is causing Diesel to go up as well as food,It all has a trickle down effect.Congress I do expect to get involved are you part of a federal Government agency,Why hasn't congress the Senate or the House of Representatives has asked you to testify on behalf of the american people.

    From,Bret Kalner

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