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Comment for Proposed Rule 75 FR 77576

  • From: Jason Sydlowski
    None-U.S. citizen

    Comment No: 27664
    Date: 2/10/2011

    Comment Text:

    As a concerned citizen, I think that derivatives, used in any form, are a BAD idea. I'm sure someone who is super-informed (more than I) about this topic will have a compelling argument about the virtues of derivatives. These people, however, will almost definitely have an ulterior motive--they will have profits in mind with no conscience of who gets screwed at the end--American public.
    To me, what has happened in this country over the last 30 years is totally criminal. Large corporations that help to shape public policy in my mind is totally illegal, but now is totally accepted. Wall St. and the U.S. government is so corrupt right now and nothing is going to change. From this last financial crisis-that was caused by the Wall St-Govt connection the people that were most hurt were the avg. citizen and no one is held liable. People losing their homes and jobs and in some cases, their lives should mean something in this country. No one is held liable for the actions of this last recession.
    To reiterate, bad idea, criminal idea, un-American idea, which is why the status-quo will remain unchanged.

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