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Comment for Proposed Rule 76 FR 4752

  • From: Evan Pantazi

    Comment No: 27399
    Date: 1/27/2011

    Comment Text:

    Commissioners, CFTC
    RE: Position Limits

    As a US Citizen I am shocked and dismayed over the performance of the CFTC. It has become one more agency that will not or cannot comply with the law, rules imposed or the office you have taken. The very reason the global financial crises is looming is due to the lack of proper regulation (complete with action backed by law and Congress) of fraudulent methods and interests of the manipulative banking cabals. Any delay in the imposition of position limits is indicative of complicity on your part and stands as evidence that your commission is not only irrelevant, it is now in collusion with these financial cabals.
    On January 17, of 2010 the CFTC was required by law to implement position limits in the COMEX silver market. On January 18th the CFTC was in violation of the laws of the US Congress.
    You are all there to enforce the commodity laws and not bend to suit certain big money interests; these are currently being pushed beyond the dates mandated by law. What has placed this commission above the law and above the concerns of its countries population? You are all charged with the responsibility to assure transparency and stability in supply and demand, to prevent manipulative efforts of certain banks and interests.

    All commodities must have position limits that are stable and in line with other commodities, however this is not being done with Silver in particular where a limit of 1,500 contracts should be imposed to protect millions of citizens, I believe this is your duty. This has allowed massive manipulations and should be finally brought to an end.

    It is imperative that you act within the law, in a timely manner and to curtail fraudulent activities, not to actuate them. We are at the precipice of global calamity due in part to actions and inactions of your commission. It is time that you uphold your duties as opposed to being manipulated yourselves.

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