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Comment for Proposed Rule 75 FR 3281

  • From: Eitcorp

    Comment No: 101
    Date: 1/15/2010

    Comment Text:

    Friday, January 15, 2010 3:58 PM
    Regulation of Retail Forex
    RIN 3038-AC61
    This is ridiculous. You think the retail trader is unduly influencing the forex
    market!? If you wish to prevent speculation, stick to the institutional traders.
    If the concern is protecting the retail trader, it only takes about a day for the
    new trader to learn the concept of leverage.
    I have spent two of the most difficult years of my life learning to trade Forex
    after the jobs in my chosen profession of 25 years dried up. This proposed change
    would close the door on this opportunity for me. I suspect the people proposing
    this rule have good intentions but the unintended consequences will not achieve the
    desired effect.
    I have past the apex of productive years in my life and do not have the energy or
    resources to start from scratch again. If the CFTC acts to take this opportunity
    away from me, I am content to devote the remainder of my life using every legal
    means necessary to block any member of CFTC from making a living. I suspect there
    are many more who feel the same as I do. so, if you want to spend the rest of your
    life dealing with an organized group of motivated people committed to your removal
    and subsequent blocking of any future employment opportunities, enact this proposed
    change. In case I[]m not making my point clear enough, just picture how a convicted
    child molester is hounded by the public for his past actions; this is the same
    level of zeal we will have for you.
    I urge you to leave us alone, we are not asking for this change; and it will only
    cause harm and not protect.