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Comments for Orders and Other Announcements 83 FR 18009

Orders and Other Announcements  83 FR 18009  //  Open PDF Version PDF Version

Request for Input on LabCFTC Prize Competitions

Open Date: 4/25/2018
Closing Date: 7/24/2018
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07/30/201883 FR 18009JakeBensonLibra
07/24/201883 FR 18009ChristineMin8of9
07/24/201883 FR 18009MarkMelinIndependent consultant
07/24/201883 FR 18009KenHartlageCorlytics
07/24/201883 FR 18009ErikBarryCredit Suisse
07/24/201883 FR 18009JeffersonBraswellACTUS Financial Research Foundation
07/24/201883 FR 18009BrockArnasonDroit Financial Technologies, LLC
07/24/201883 FR 18009JeffBandmanBandman Advisors
07/24/201883 FR 18009Laurent-OlivierLabeisREGnosys Limited
07/24/201883 FR 18009Jo AnnBarefootBarefoot Innovation Group Hummingbird RegTech