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Comments for Industry Filing IF 16-003

Industry Filing  IF 16-003

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is requesting public comments on regulation 39.5(b) swap submissions from registered derivatives clearing organizations, identified with “Public Comment Requested.”   Comments may pertain specifically to a single submission or generally to several or all submissions.  The Commission is particularly interested in comments that provide data and analysis and that discuss the swaps in terms of the five factors that the Commission is required to consider in determining whether to issue a clearing requirement determination under regulation 39.5(b)(3)(ii).

If the Commission decides to propose a clearing requirement determination for any of the swaps covered by the submissions, then the Commission will invite further public comment in response to a notice of proposed rulemaking.

Open Date: 6/23/2016
Closing Date: 7/25/2016
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Date ReceivedReleaseFirst NameLast NameOrganization Edit
07/12/2016IF 16-003DonnaBeckAFS
07/25/2016IF 16-003AdamCooperCitadel LLC
09/30/2016IF 16-003JamesKempGlobal Foreign Exchange Division (GFXD)
07/21/2016IF 16-003StevenKennedyISDA
07/25/2016IF 16-003JuanRajlinMasterCard International Incorporated
07/25/2016IF 16-003DavidMcIndoeSutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP on behalf of The Commercial Energy Working Group
07/25/2016IF 16-003WaynePestoneThomson Reuters (SEF) LLC