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Comments for Orders and Other Announcements 78 FR 56542

Orders and Other Announcements  78 FR 56542  //  Open PDF Version PDF Version

17 CFR Chapter I Concept Release on Risk Controls and System Safeguards for Automated Trading Environments

Open Date: 9/12/2013
Closing Date: 12/11/2013
See also:
79 FR 4104 ,  1/24/2014  //  Open PDF Version PDF Version

17 CFR Chapter I Concept Release on Risk Controls and System Safeguards for Automated Trading Environments

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03/31/201578 FR 56542Ex ParteCommunicationFutures Industry Association, Trade Forecaster, CME Group, Deutsche Bank and Financial Markets Consulting
03/24/201578 FR 56542Ex ParteCommunicationDelta Strategy Group (DSG) and the Futures Industry Association’s Principal Traders Group, including XRTrading, DRW Trading Group and Optiver US
03/06/201578 FR 56542Ex ParteCommunicationFutures Industry Association (FIA) and CME Group
07/18/201479 FR 4104Ex ParteCommunicationMFA, Two Sigma Investments, Citadel LLC, and Tudor Investment Corporation
02/26/201479 FR 4104LisaRosenLCH.Ciearnet Group Limited
02/24/201478 FR 56542Ex ParteCommunicationElaine Wah and Michael Wellman, both from the University of Michigan
02/14/201479 FR 4104AllanGrodyFinancial InterGroup
02/14/201479 FR 4104Thomas G. McCabeMcCabeOneChicago, LLC
02/14/201479 FR 4104ThomasMcCabeOneChicago, LLC
02/14/201479 FR 4104PeterCramtonUniversity of Maryland
02/14/201479 FR 4104ThomasMcCabeOneChicago,LLC
02/14/201479 FR 4104BenVan VlietIllinois Institute of Technology
02/14/201479 FR 4104TrabueBlandICE
02/14/201479 FR 4104GregO'Connor3Red Trading LLC
02/14/201479 FR 4104RLeuchtkafer 
02/13/201479 FR 4104GeraldOConnellSIG
02/13/201479 FR 4104JorgePetersPrivate Investor
02/13/201479 FR 4104JorgePetersPrivate Investor
02/11/201479 FR 4104EricDela PenaWork force service ,Glide , Martin dersol
02/07/201478 FR 56542Ex ParteCommunicationEric Budish and Peter Cramton
02/06/201479 FR 4104AndrewStevensIMC Financial Markets
02/03/201479 FR 4104MarcusSchuelerMarkit
01/31/201479 FR 4104RichardGorelickRGM Advisors
01/30/201479 FR 4104ChrisBarnard 
01/30/201478 FR 56542Ex ParteCommunicationMeeting with Brian F. Mannix
01/29/201479 FR 4104DonaldWilson, Jr.DRW Holdings, LLC
01/22/201478 FR 56542Ex ParteCommunicationFederal Reserve Bank of Chicago
01/10/201478 FR 56542ChrisConcannonVirtu Financial LLC
12/30/201378 FR 56542RichardCirilloKing & Splding LLP
12/17/201378 FR 56542RichardGorelickRGM Advisors, LLC
12/16/201378 FR 56542StevenSchwabTibra Trading America LLC
12/16/201378 FR 56542DonaldWilson, Jr.DRW Holdings, LLC
12/16/201378 FR 56542ScottKnudsenIMC Financial Markets
12/12/201378 FR 56542RobertCreamerGeneva Trading USA, LLC
12/12/201378 FR 56542JayBiondoAllston Holdings LLC
12/12/201379 FR 4104JayBiondoAllston Trading LLC
12/11/201378 FR 56542MarcusStanleyAmericans for Financial Reform
12/11/201378 FR 56542BryanDurkinCME Group
12/11/201378 FR 56542AdamCooperCitadel LLC
12/11/201378 FR 56542PeterCramtonUniversity of Maryland
12/11/201378 FR 56542CourtneyMcGuinnFIX Trading Community
12/11/201378 FR 56542CharlesEvansFederal Reserve Bank of Chicago
12/11/201378 FR 56542ElaineWahUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor
12/11/201378 FR 56542JiriKrolAIMA
12/11/201378 FR 56542DrorNivForex Capital Markets, LLC
12/11/201378 FR 56542AmberDonleyMinneapolis Grain Exchange, Inc. (MGEX)
12/11/201378 FR 56542WaltLukkenFutures Industry Association
12/11/201378 FR 56542ElizabethKingKCG Holdings, Inc.
12/11/201378 FR 56542MitchellFeuerThomson Reuters
12/11/201378 FR 56542SteveSuppanInstitute for Agriculture and Trade Policy