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Comments for Industry Filing IF 12-009

Industry Filing  IF 12-009

30-day Review on Clearinghouse, LP Petition to Amend its Order of Registration as a Derivatives Clearing Organization

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is asking for public comment on a petition submitted by Cantor Clearinghouse LP (Cantor), for an amendment to its order of registration as a derivatives clearing organization.  Specifically, Cantor is requesting that the Commission’s Order of Registration which restricts Cantor’s clearing activities to media-related contracts only, be amended to permit it to clear Foreign Exchange Spot Index Binary Flex Options.

Open Date: 8/8/2012
Closing Date: 9/10/2012
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08/28/2012IF 12-009RobertSchachtDemocracy for America
08/28/2012IF 12-009PattyLangford RomeroAmericans for Financial Reform
08/28/2012IF 12-009GregAmourIndiidual
08/28/2012IF 12-009JamesHadden 
08/28/2012IF 12-009pegrobichauxperson
08/28/2012IF 12-009MarshaMcCroden 
08/28/2012IF 12-009kdanowski 
08/28/2012IF 12-009BayardFetlerindividual
08/30/2012IF 12-009EdwinaSmith 
09/08/2012IF 12-009jeffreytrippinformation